What are the Usage Areas and Advantages of CNC Machines?

CNC machines are used in every field with the developing and changing technology.

  • In spare parts production,
  • In the furniture industry,
  • In the field of consumer goods,
  • In the automotive industry,
  • In the Defense Industry,

It is preferred for easy and mass production in the aviation industry and many other areas.

Advantages of CNC machines;

  • Some works prepared in the preliminary preparation process such as clamping molds and gauges in conventional benches are not performed on CNC machines, which provides the advantage that the preliminary preparation process is faster than other machines.
  • CNC machines, thanks to the ability to save the program in their memories, provide the opportunity to use the program in the memory again without re-programming the parts to be processed.
  • It has a special battery that feeds the CNC machines. In this way, it does not reset the information in the memory in case of power failure.
  • If the cutting tool breaks in a disruption that may occur during the process and the cutting tool does not have a cutting tool with the same diameter characteristics, it provides the advantage of continuing the process with a cutting tool with other characteristics.
  • It is cheaper as costly products such as molds, gauges and templates are not used in the system.
  • Since it has a high sensitivity, production with human power also minimizes the rate of defective parts.