What is CNC and how does it work?

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) stands for computer numerical control. It is a type of lathe that ensures the regular production of the product to be produced in series. CNC machines are machines that perform production automatically by programming through a computer.

CNC machines save the program in its memory. The CNC programmer who makes the program setting can write the codes and change the program as he sees necessary. In terms of ease of use of the programs, if the part features and the production to be made are the same, the program used in the production of the previous part is used without the need to write code again.

Some of the programs used in CNC machines are Autocad, CNC3D, Solid Works and similar programs. The part to be produced is recorded in the NC file after passing the tests and controls. In the next stage, the NC file is transferred to the CNC machines with external memory and the production starts after the final control is made.